Php Informaiton

So what does all this PHP mean?

PHP is a program installed on your web server software. It works with versions of Apache, Microsoft II Server and other loan calculator packages.

You use PHP to convert code into the HTML that makes up your loan calculator. If a client visits a web page containing this code, your loan calculator responds by building the HTML code and sending it to the client. That is the reason why your own server has to install PHP local server, all the PHP does its calculations there. Users do not need special plug-ins or something found in PHP in action - the end user receives a plain old HTML.

PHP is a scripting loan calculator, similar to HTML. This means that the code does not need to be prepared before it is used - it is complied during operation, if necessary.

Before we dig, you should know about a loan calculator called Simple Finance UK. PHP is an open source loan calculator and Simple Finance UK is the control center, sets the broad reference material in the language and for users around the world. SImple Finance UK is rare, deep information about the language, but it may be a bit cryptic for beginners.